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What benefits will I see if I buy YouTube Watch Hours?

  • ✅ Get real Watch Hours & Subscribers from promotion campaigns.
  • ✅ Spread views over many videos.
  • ✅ It helps push you to the “Viral” effect with High-Retention views.
  • ✅ Increase the chance to be approved for monetization.
  • ✅ Results will be guaranteed for life.
  • ✅ Naturally deliver until complete the order.
  • ✅ Monitor and provide strategies for effective development.
Audiencegain reviews

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Thank you now i am youtube partner, once again thank you so much guys (jabob).
December 21, 2020.
I just got accepted YouTube partner program..All thanks to They deliver what they promise..You can trust them...They are the best!! Cheers!!All the best!!
December 16, 2020.
Excellent service. They have the best online support. Very responsive, kind and informative. Thank you, MySeoTech. You deserve more than 5 stars.
December 13, 2020.
A 💯 rating for AudienceGainNet. They are very responsive to messages with their replies. Very knowledgeable with the advice they give. I am happy with the project they delivered. 5 out of 5 rating
December 12, 2020.
Great job! Delivered on time and got monetized!
December 12, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s detailed information about how it works and why we can say it’s completely genuine, safe, and legal.

After you have ordered, we will boost your videos through promotion campaigns on Social Media, Exchange Groups and also base on influential YouTube Playlist to get real 4000 Public Watch Hours from various sources.

Besides that, we also focus more on the important parts that help YouTube evaluate your channel better because it gives your channel a higher chance of being approved for monetization. The views will be spread over few videos to make the channel grow naturally. We will keep promoting until your goal is reached and satisfied with the results.

Note: 1000 High-Quality Subscribers are real, bring no engagements because they come from different countries but it’s totally suitable to fulfill the milestone for monetization. No-Drop guaranteed for life. 

We don’t guarantee 100% the channel will get approved for monetization after using the service. Because YouTube mostly depends on the content, such as the value of your video can bring viewers. 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers are only a prerequisite requirement that YouTube requires to ensure that your channel is useful.

If your channel has good videos, we are confident to bring you satisfactory results. But don’t worry if you are a new YouTubers. Our expert will guide you step by step to develop it from the beginning or even help you make good videos. After everything is set, we will recommend you the right time to buy 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers to get the highest chance of being approved by YouTube to make money.

With five years of YouTube marketing, we know things are good for each purpose. If your channel has good videos, this is a good chance for you!

Customer satisfaction is always our first priority. Refund immediately without asking anything and complete your order for free if the Watch Hours cannot be completed as committed. 

Besides that, we allow Paypal as the main method because it’s the safest and easiest one for buyers.

Popular payment methods such as Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, Westen Union, Payoneer, are supported as well.

At MySeoTech, we use a legal promotion campaign and it’s suitable for most YouTube channels. However, it still needs to have three criteria to get better results:

  • Require videos have over 5 minutes in length.
  • All videos duration of the channel must be over 60 minutes in total.
  • Follow YouTube’s rules.

If your videos aren’t meet the criteria above, please contact us for the solution.

We Offer More YouTube Marketing Services

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  • Say No To Using Bots
  • Natural Growth
  • Watch Hours Are Spread Across Multiple Videos
  • Increase The Chance To Get Approved For Monetization
  • Delivery Starts In 24-72 Hours
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Eligible To Make Money Instantly
  • Vlog Channel With 3-5 Videos
  • Support Changing The Channel Niche Safe
  • Support Changing or Linking Google Adsense Account
  • No Copyrights, No Strikes
  • Deliver Within 24-72 Hours


  • 100% Natural Growth
  • Good For Ranking
  • Monetizable Views
  • Suitable For Videos Under 20 Minutes
  • Increase The Chance To Be Recommended By YouTube
  • Safe & Legal


  • High-Quality Subscribers
  • Increase The Brand Awareness
  • Eligible To Fulfill YouTube’s Requirement For Monetization
  • Boost Your Channel Ranking
  • Natural Growth
  • Guaranteed For Life


  • Real Likes
  • Natural Growth
  • Safe & Legal
  • Increase The Chance To Get Recommended
  • Delivery STARTS in 24-72 hours
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  • Aged Account With 50-100 Subscribers
  • Available 1-3 Videos On The Channel
  • Trusted Aged Account Will Get Suggested Easily
  • No Copyright, No Strikes
  • Delivery STARTS in 24-72 hours
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