Buy Youtube monetization – a purchase for rapid successful Youtube career

Absolutely! The answer is Yes. You can totally buy a monetized Youtube channel in order to fulfill your dream to be a popular Youtuber on this “neverland” platform of creating content. 

Due to Youtube’s impressive growth in the recent decades, it is easily understandable why this platform is the world’s second largest search engine and Internet users start to consider it as a business. Famous Youtubers around the world make videos, innovate ideas to reach a potential audience and establish a stable financial status from it. What a “kill two bird with one stone”. No wonder why “ buy Youtube monetization” is such a trendy term!

However, there are several factors that you should consider and this article from our team – MySeoTech will cover all you need to know when deciding to buy a monetized Youtube channel.

Requirements To Turn On Monetized Mode

In general, to start gaining money from your Youtube videos your channel needs to possess a standard of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers”, then you can participate in Youtube Partner Program to turn on the monetized mode. 

Buy Youtube Monetization

Requirements for Monetizing on Youtube

This threshold is just a minimum condition for every small potential creator to achieve. But if you are already a Youtuber who needs a sub-channel to broaden your circle of watchers, or you are at a early stage of your career and you are well-trained in writing scripts, editing video, professional in your niche, buying a monetized Youtube channel would be much more optimal and time-saving.

To be more detailed, after getting the threshold of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, a Youtuber is allowed to sign the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) and register a Google Adsense account, which is basically a Google’s advertising distributor.

Correspondingly, Google Adsense, as an advertising distributor, will display commercials in general of several businesses they are partnered with on videos of  YouTube monetization channels.

Once a Youtuber signs the YouTube Partner Program terms and connects to an AdSense account, his/her channel will automatically be queued for review. Youtube’s automated systems will then examine the contents on his/her whether it complies with all of Youtube’s guidelines.

With a “monetized Youtube account”, this channel is already approved by Youtube’s terms and accepted to be a part of YPP. You can start gaining profits right away by posting videos on this channel. 

The Reason Why Buying A Monetized Youtube Channel Is Optimal And Beneficial

Kicking Off Your Career As Soon As Possible

Before working on a budget to equip effective tools to a sufficient number of videos to upload on your channel, our team would like to consult you to use the budget on buying a monetized channel as a whole, not buy Youtube views as well as buy Youtube subscribers separately. 

Buy Youtube Monetization

Quick Monetization

The most appealing advantage of this purchase is that it is quick to get the money (maybe not much but at least you can have some). Since our monetized channels already include some videos as the foundation for views and subscribers, which can be seen as based data for Youtube to rank it on the search results.

Also, these videos have been already promoted on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and so forth, in order to search for a certain number of audiences, increase Youtube views. As a result, these viewers may approach your channel easily and you can even achieve organic views and subscribers.

You no longer need to worry about building an initial subscriber base in a long time. And it is also not very optimal and effective for you, because it is not a piece of cake to search for professional help from experts to strategize how to promote your contents to be honest. 

The essential is that you need to find which experts you can work well with, among a thousand Youtube consultant businesses. 

Containing Videos With A Large Quantity Of Views

Youtube has been appreciating channels with a large base of subscribers, having one-of-a-kind video contents which can deliver helpful instructions to viewers who need them, and may go viral. 

Possessing a large number of subscribers for the goal of the guaranteed views is great, in addition to establishing long-lasting followers with easier progress. 

Buy Youtube Monetization

High views on each video

When Youtube users look at the search engine, it is obvious that they would click on a video ranking first and have more viewers than some with lower view counts. For instance, a video having an average of 100,000 plus views would give a sign to the views, that this video must well-emphasize the content contained.

Consequently, the more people click on it, the more it can be high-ranked, increases in views and comments, as well as be popular and trendy on other social platforms. 

The more the Youtuber can make more money, indeed!

That being said, the benefits of a monetized Youtube channel can give you an opportunity to quickly grow views straight away! 

Some Downsides Of A Monetized Youtube Channel

Nothing is really black and white. There are several risks you may be aware of considering to buy a monetized Youtube channel.

Youtube May Not Have A Favor For A Monetized Youtube Channel

As we mentioned above, Youtube plagiarism prioritizes channels with high views. However, they must have “organic views”, which basically are accumulated when a user is willing to click on your videos. There’s no need to debate on this truth because it is trust-worthy evidence to prove the natural growth of your channel. 

In addition, Youtube indeed prohibits purchasing and selling channels. If Youtube finds out you purchased an account, it will be outlawed and remove all marks from the platform and you would waste lots of money on investing on the channel. 

Struggling Changing The Niche

Internet users generally subscribe to YouTube channels due to the fact that they want to have more connection with the person featured in their favorite content.

In case you have a tendency to continue to upload videos on your platform, you may lack the certain characteristics or similarity of the original channel, you will end up losing your subscribers, and obviously you are not going to like it, neither is Youtube.

On top of that, if you upload videos with a different kind of content, Youtube and viewers may figure out this sudden change and your existing subscribers will unsubscribe. Therefore, your channel is certainly underestimated and you would struggle to restore your potential audience. 

And one more thing, since you are not the original owner, YouTube might notice that a completely different person is suddenly managing the channel because of a sudden niche-changing.

Professional Guideline from MySeoTech To Buy A Monetized Youtube Channel

If you want to quickly make money from your Youtube content, make sure to check our service of “Buy Monetized Youtube Channel” and other packages that may help you to reach the peak of your Youtube career.

Our company, MySeoTech is a Social Media Marketing company which dedicates to support content creators to develop and promote their videos, brands and products across social platforms, especially Facebook and Youtube.

To be more specific, one of our top sale products is “Buy Monetized Youtube Channel” which is built and designed by our experts who have a long-term experience in social marketing. 

Whether you are newbies on the Youtube market, or professionals who are deadly serious about your Youtube career, our team of experts has established this package for your option.

The monetized channels we have are built by Promotion Campaign on popular social networking sites, with 100% Quality & Comply With YouTube’s regulations. The channel featured 3-5 videos with innovative contents that we elaborate from brainstorming ideas and researching the most niched on Youtube.

The package includes two separated services, the “high-retention views”.  High-retention views are suitable for videos which have from 10 to 15 minutes in length. 

With our proficient Promotion Campaign, the existing views and subscribers are completely eligible to allow you make money instantly. 

In case your channel is unfortunately deactivated by Youtube (if your decision of changing the niche is not very effective and profitable, as your videos are not what your audience are looking for, MySeoTech also supports practical channel development in a long run, as well as changes Google Adsense Account if several incidents happen leading to the malfunction of your current channel. 

Click on this if you want to see further details of our service.


Q1: How many channels can I have per account?

Answer: Thankfully Youtube has allowed users to create multiple Youtube channels per a single Gmail account, which is up to 50 channels. As a consequence, you have a freedom of choices to create how many channels as you wish, as long as it works well with your time and effort. 

Q2: Where are the views and subscribers generated from?

Answer: Your videos will be promoted on social media to get real views, subscribers from a variety of sources and increase video search engine rankings. We will keep track and update the latest strategies for all campaigns, focusing on the essential factors to increase your opportunities of getting monetization approval.

Furthermore, our expert will bring you the best solutions as well as tackle all common issues of channel development that new YouTubers are dealing with. Last but not least, the service strictly adheres to YouTube policy to work, is 100% legal & safe.

Q3: What should I do to avoid being demonetized?

Answer: Make sure you follow these instructions when the monetized mode turned on:

  • Double-check the contents before you post them on your channels.
  • Choose the friendly-users content (no controversial subjects, no sensitive contents such as political issues and condensation and so forth).
  • Keep related tags on all of your video for SEO.

Q4: What are the secure payments for the purchase?

Answer: At MySeoTech, Paypal is the main method to allow you to pay for the service (the most secure payments). Besides, we also accept Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, Western Union, Payoneer.

Q5: What if the content I want to make is different from the existing videos on the channel?

Answer: There are absolutely no problems! You can freely change your niche based on your personal purposes. With MySeoTech’s expert team, we will advise you the best solutions to safely change your niche and make it easy to elaborate your ideas. 

In Conclusion, What Do You Think?

Without further ado, what are your selections?

That being said, we have delivered to you some detailed and helpful information about buying Youtube monetization, as well as strategic development and promotion for your channel.

You may have an overwhelming feeling after reading all the guidelines above. Please join us so you can kick start right away, and you would be surprised by our services, as well as accumulate our tips and tricks to achieve the best of your career. 

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