How Do You Track YouTube Watch Time?

Don’t know how to track YouTube watch time? Do not worry that this article will show you how to analyze view, sub, and statistics with YouTube Analytics!

If you are looking to develop a channel, the analysis, and tracking of YouTube watch time is a very important job and requires high meticulousness.  How to analyze and track YouTube watch time will help you greatly in driving channel development and increasing your popularity.

Once you know how to analyze and track YouTube watch time, you can feel free to choose the current view purchase services. Thanks to the reporting index, you will see why your video failed and not known by many people. From there, you can grasp the causes of failure and draw from yourself experience.

Factors that you take note before tracking Youtube watch time

How to track Youtube watch timeHow to track Youtube watch time

Currently, the YouTube Analytics’ interface is very simple and user friendly. You can easily analyze the cause of the video failure and why the average watch time is so low. 

First, you need to note some of the following factors:

  • Which metrics are important and which ones you should prioritize first
  • The fundamental difference between action data and vanity metrics (e.g., fake view or real view)
  • Synthesize relevant experience and information to come up with an effective channel development strategy

Steps to watch analytics and track YouTube watch time through YouTube Analytic

If you want to track and analyze YouTube watch time through YouTube Analytics, you need to know the steps firmly. Here is a guide to follow the YouTube watch time that you need to know:

  • First, you need to log in to your YouTube account.
  • Second, you click on the profile icon on the top right side. Then click Creator Studio, located next to the gear icon.
  • Third, you will go to the Creator Studio control panel. You can easily see some basic analysis in the middle of the screen. 

The basic parameters above include:

  • View
  • Watch time
  • The poster
  • The estimated revenue is more after you qualify for YouTube monetization

In the fourth step, you move your mouse to the left part of the dashboard, you see the menu, and click on “Analytics” to navigate to the main analytics dashboard of YouTube. Some general features are already defaulted by YouTube’s spreadsheet

Most of the general features that are defaulted by the YouTube analytics panel are not too difficult to understand. 

The overview title of each analysis page in the menus will drop down to the right. You can easily narrow down the YouTube watch time and check the time.

The default setting displayed is for 28 days. However, if you have other needs, you can completely change. You can filter by time, continent, or country for specific geographic information about the view.

At the same time, if you capture the data collection and development direction for your YouTube channel and export as an Excel or CSV text file, then no problem at all. You just need to click on the Export Report button at the top right.

What measurement do you need to improve video performance?

Improving video performanceImproving video performance

The video performance improvement process is the YouTube video analysis process. Usually, you only need to remember 3 main parts:

  • Sales report
  • Reporting time
  • Interactive report

Through the three reports above you can easily improve and enhance video performance. You can pay attention to some common statistics like watch time, retention rate, and views between videos in your channel.

You can pass the above parameters to compare with other channels to see if your channel is effective and enough to compete with many other famous YouTubers. 

If your stats were positive then perhaps the lucky god smiled at you in this race. However, if you see abnormal and unstable parameters then you need to consider a different direction to avoid being overwhelmed by more potential channels.

First, we consider the timing report of YouTube Analytic!

The timing report of YouTube Analytics

You can call the YouTube Analytics timing report like an electronic library with many different books. You can firmly and simultaneously capture the timing of individual videos on your channel with just one phone. 

This means that you can track YouTube watch time by YouTube Analytics with just one phone or tablet.

The information that you can quite clearly grasp when viewing the time report is:

  • Watch time: How many views do you have and for how long do people usually watch your video? The watch time factor is of utmost importance. Because watch time plays a pivotal role in evaluating whether the video is worthy of the top trending or not. YouTube will consider whether your video is of sufficient quality through average watch time.
  • Audience retention: When are your viewers engaged with you? Interaction like? How often do I click on a video? When do viewers stop interacting and stop watching videos?
  • Demographics: who is watching your videos and what country are they from?
  • Play wallet: Who are the people they are watching and keeping watching your videos from and where are they from?
  • Traffic Sources: Where are people in your video?
  • Devices: How much are your views coming from desktop, mobile, or other devices?

YouTube watch time and watch hours can be on the same page and the parameters are closely related. Currently, a video on YouTube can have 1 view within 30 seconds.

You need to understand and distinguish clearly what is YouTube watch time and watch hours. 

YouTube watch time is a measure of the success of a video. However, if you use tricks such as using bots or proxies, YouTube watch time is only relative and sometimes they do not prove anything.

Meanwhile, the most obvious way to visualize YouTube watch hours is that it is one of the standards you need to achieve to make money from YouTube. YouTube has stated clearly that the regulation on enabling video monetization is to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months after creating the channel. 

Therefore, you can see that achieving a certain YouTube watch time can only increase the channel’s popularity, but reaching over 4000 watch hours is a necessary criterion to enable monetization.

Once your video is well-SEO and marketed, ranking prominently on YouTube’s search engine bar is understandable. YouTube watch time and watch hours are equally important. 

You need to know how to quickly calculate metrics such as the average watch time for your videos. The formula you need to know is view time = average watch time.

Average watch durationAverage watch duration

Average watch duration is of particular importance. It is the fundamental basis for YouTube to determine the quality of the video. 

Average watch time is measured based on each video or the average time people spend watching the video across your channel.

For example, your average viewing time is high, the YouTube algorithm will help you increase your chances of appearing in the eyes of your audience. 

From there, you will get more and more people to maintain view rates and get better on the rankings.

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Subscribe to YouTube video viewers

How you track YouTube video viewers will help you quickly and accurately statistic the average viewing time. From there, you also know information related to other videos on the same topic as your video. 

The retention is currently calculated by YouTube Analytic in percentage: once your video is longer than 1 minute, people watch 30 seconds and the retention rate will be 50%.

According to the calculation above, the higher your hold, the better quality your video will be. If your video has a lower hold, the views may be deducted. 

The YouTube video viewer tracking report is classified into two types of audience: absolute audience retention and relative audience retention.

You can adjust and convert them if you want.

Just click the video in the playlist located below the Audience chart and scroll back up the chart. After that, you will see the filter underneath the key stats.

Maintain absolute audience

Maintain absolute audienceMaintain absolute audience

Can understand the absolute audience retention report to accurately state the moment in your video is most viewed and the moment when most people drag and drop. 

Usually, if your video is of high quality, the absolute audience retention chart will stand out more. Conversely, if your video is rarely viewed, then the absolute audience retention chart will almost have no trace.

Therefore, if you want more viewers to pay attention to your video, then you should come up with good and creative ideas.

Besides, you can use small but effective tricks such as putting an eye-catching Thumbnail avatar or inserting popular keywords into a video tag, title, or description.

The advice for you is that if you see the absolute audience retention chart showing negative signs, you need to adjust the direction immediately and find the error to fix. 

A little note to note is that the drop rate is usually within the first 15 seconds of the video. If you see rates falling too early then you need to do some tips to attract customers like:

  • Add Thumbnail images with the description below to accurately represent the content being mentioned
  • Shorten lengthy introductions and lack of impression
  • Need keywords that belong to the top of the list in the tag, description, or title
  • The title should be short between 51 and 70 characters
  • Please inject calls to action such as “remember to like and subscriber if the content is useful”

Maintain a relative audience

Maintain a relative audienceMaintain a relative audience

The Relative Retention Report faithfully reflects your video retention rate compared to all other similarly length videos on YouTube. This comparison is based only on the duration metric. 

This means it doesn’t have as much to do with content as absolute audience retention. 

It can be said that many old YouTubers pay little attention to maintaining relative objects, but only pay attention to maintaining absolute objects. Currently, it performs the function of a general comparison of your video content with other videos of the same duration on YouTube.

Playback location

In terms of playback locations, you can capture where the content you are watching is on the YouTube platform or other online connected devices. 

The majority of playback locations indicate traffic from external YouTube pages.

You just need to scroll down the list below the chart and click “embed” in the way of external applications and websites. 

Through this action, you can see all the locations where your video is playing for a given day. You can understand which positions have the most viewers and bring you the most money.

The playback location parameters are focused on location. Once you know the exact locations, you can completely optimize ad spend for the videos in your channel. 

Therefore, you can pull information from the playback location to get an idea of ​​your browsing habits and keep track of your viewers. 

As a result, you can easily create new opportunities for overseas channel development and relationship expansion in the marketing process.

Analyze traffic from where to YouTube

If you already know how to track YouTube watch time and the above parameters, it is not difficult to analyze where traffic comes from. 

Each item in the list below YouTube Analytics’ chart shows specific information in that category.

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In brief

Currently, YouTube is a fertile piece of cake that everyone wants to share. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to your decisions. 

Because once you have decided and oriented the wrong channel, the viewer stops following the channel and the channel is locked, it is only a matter of time. 

If you want a companion service in tracking and analyzing YouTube watch time, MySeoTech will be the top attention.

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