How Does YouTube Count Views?

YouTube Count Views

Many people don’t have a correct understanding of how YouTube counts views.

Therefore, it’s necessary to know what a view really about. YouTube counts a view depending on if the viewer initiated the watching of a video or not.

YouTube views can be simple when you don’t know much about it, but in fact, to really know how YouTube counts the views is an impossible task. But you will know more about this when you are growing your channel, especially when you want to monetize your channel.

YouTube Count Views

YouTube Count Views

How YouTube counts views?

YouTube needs views from real people to count it as a view. Therefore, it would be broken down into these two requirements to count a view:

  • A user purposely starts a video.
  • The user needs to watch the video for at least half of a minute.

As long as a user stays watching your video for 30 seconds, no matter if the user skips through the video it will still be counted as a view. However, if it could not reach 30 seconds, the view will not be counted on the video.

You might have asked what about videos that are under 30 seconds? Professionals say that they are not sure how YouTube counts views. Nonetheless, you need to be aware that to monetize a video, you need to have more than 30 seconds in the video.

Besides, to add a mid-roll to your video, you need at least 8 minutes video, which is a feature that YouTube offers for content creators to generate more revenue from their videos.

Can YouTube detects Bot Views?

Viewers must watch videos on YouTube in a realistic, logical way. This means that if an account is randomly jumping from video to video and watching each for 30 seconds, but the videos don’t seem to link in any way.

This means they’re not created by the same user, or they’re not recommended in the recommendation engine. YouTube will then assume that the watcher is a bot and stop counting its views.

Other reasons for YouTube not counting views are:

  • YouTube won’t count a view of a user who leaves spam comments on videos.
  • Embedding Autostart videos that on the website would not help you to gain the views from it.

YouTube Live View Count

Content creators usually record the video first before uploading it. Besides, YouTube also has a live-streaming feature just like Facebook and Instagram. Does it still count as views on normal videos?

Yes! YouTube counts live views, just like it counts the views of pre-recorded videos. Like all YouTube videos, the only prerequisite for live videos on YouTube is that they must comply with the community guidelines in order to be allowed to stay up on the platform. So be aware:

It’s normal to see views slow down, freeze, or adjust while we verify that those are real and accurate.

Here’s more info on how this works – Team YouTube

Some main reasons that YouTube will adjust your views count:

  • Using one IP address for many devices to watch the same video at the same time.
  • Having a lot of windows or tabs, watching a video at the same time.
  • Reload the page every 30 seconds of watching a video.

This had happened to BTS ( a Korean boys band ) after releasing their single “ON.” In the first 24 hours, the views decreased from about 83 million to 38 million. Nonetheless, the video became the largest YouTube premiere at all times, with 1.54 million premiere views.

Why is YouTube strictly about this issue?

The reason is that many people are trying to gain more views illegally.
Many users have been trying to scam YouTube so that the video will have more number of views than what it is actually is.

So that why YouTube has created the system to detect invalid views. that is to say, YouTube’s AI will know which is the view from real users or from BOT depending on the action of the users.

YouTube Views Count are Different in Analytics

It’s quite confusing when you look at your views count on YouTube, especially when you are new to YouTube. For example, the views count of your Analytics usually differs from the views counts on the YouTube search.

However, you don’t need to worry about that if your views are entirely organic. It takes a few days for YouTube to evaluate your views. For example, they need to make sure that your viewers are real, which are worth counting.

Go take a look at your the below page of YouTube to see the differences:

  • Creator Studio
  • Channel Analytics
  • YouTube Watch Page
  • YouTube Search

You would probably see some slight difference in your views count between these pages.

But do views are really that important after all?

Have a look at what YouTube Creator Acamedy says about this to learn more about how YouTube think about views:

In the past, views drove a video’s discovery and rank: that’s the total number of times anyone clicked “play” on a video.

But views only show the number of times a video player loaded, and not whether someone actually wanted to see it, or bothered watching. YouTube recognized that not all views were equal, and adjusted our ranking algorithm to better account for user engagement.

In fact, we’ve removed the views report entirely from YouTube Analytics and replaced it with watch time. – YouTube Creator Academy

Besides, If you are new content creators and finding it difficult to gain more watch hours for your channel. You might be interested in our 6 Tips to Increase 4000 Public Watch Hours YouTube.

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