How much will YouTube pay for 4000 watch hours?

You are wondering when YouTube will pay and how much will YouTube pay for 4000 watch hours? If you are a beginner to making money online from YouTube, do not hesitate to read this article!

YouTube is the second search engine in the world and has monthly traffic of over 22 billion. A promising market like YouTube makes many people want to create quality videos to make money quickly.

You have certainly heard of making money online by creating and developing a YouTube channel

This method of passive monetization is based on video quality and the number of viewers. By becoming a partner of YouTube, you will quickly get paid by YouTube.

This method is often used by singers, politicians, and celebrities to both polish their names and earn more personal income. YouTuber will gradually build a personal brand and be welcomed by the public. 

Through YouTube, you can both sell your merchandise and create sponsored content to make more money.

Of course, that is just a direction that you can consider to quickly increase YouTube watch time and improve video rankings in the top search.

Factors that help organically increase YouTube views must be a compelling title, engaging content, and a reasonable amount of time. 

Content that is highly dramatic or contains much needed useful information will be given a lot of attention. 

Due to this measure, this article will give you YouTube’s payment policy and how much will YouTube pay for 4000 watch hours.

What is the YouTube payment policy?

YouTube payments policy

The YouTube payment policy

YouTube’s payment policy is a policy targeting the target group of YouTubers. Conditions to turn on YouTube’s monetization are tighter. 

The above conditions include mandatory conditions, video content that does not infringe copyrights, compliance with community guidelines, quality guidelines for content, abuse of the website, and tools of the second party.

Required conditions

YouTube’s 2020 mandatory conditions to enable monetization for that channel are:

  • Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers or more
  • Your channel simultaneously achieved at least 4000 watch hours within 12 months

As long as you meet the above two targets, your channel will be considered for earning ability from 15 to 30 days later.

Video content does not infringe copyrights

As stated in the US Fair Use law, you can only use 5 to 10 seconds of another video for documentation and not for copying. 

That also means that if the video you post contains content that is copyrighted by others, YouTube has the right to kick you out of the healthy playing field. You need to create sounds, images, and content in the video yourself. 

You can use the software to refine and edit the images and sounds of the products to suit the tastes of consumers. 

If you are still stubborn about using the image or sound of a video owned by another person, you will be disabled for channel monetization. Then all your efforts will be meaningless. 

If possible, you can talk to the video provider about whether they agree to give you commercial use of the video.

Adhere to community guidelines

The community principles are set up by YouTube to prevent YouTuber from harming the rights and interests of individuals or communities. 

Many YouTubers make money by posting vain videos as well as evil intentions, provoking crime to happen. 

Therefore, the penalty that YouTuber gives for a channel that does not comply with the community principle is that a slight violation will be deleted, and a heavy violation will disable the monetization function. Even YouTube will delete the channel permanently. 

The community guidelines to avoid are:

  • Spam, fraudulent metadata, threatens the network, misleading or harassing others
  • Contains nude images, for sexual or erotic purposes
  • The content contains sample violence
  • Content that might hurt others or endanger the community
  • Impersonate other people to create channels and cause bad influence

Content quality guidelines

Another factor that you need to consider is the content quality guidelines. Content quality is gold. You need to be new, unique, and suitable for some objects on YouTube. 

You should consider how to make the content appealing instead of using tricks to attract views. 

If your channel is unprofessional, quality, and increasingly innovative, sooner or later you will be engulfed by the young YouTuber class and never have a single vocal viewer for your channel. 

So, if that’s the case, you should invest in content and make good use of your viewing quality. As such, you can easily reach 4000 watch hours within 12 months and 1000 subscribers.

Misuse of the website and third-party tools is not allowed


Misuse of the website and third-party tools

Principles to turn on monetization and bar mode YouTube’s math is that YouTuber must be considered to see if they use tools or proxies to increase fake views or not. 

This deceitful companion is currently unable to bypass the eyes of YouTube’s constantly changing and complex algorithms. 

So, instead of buying a VPS running at home that costs both electricity and money, the best way to achieve 4000 watch hours within 12 months is to take time to develop yourself. 

Then, share your experiences in the field that you have forged. Viewers prefer miracles, investment, and formalism over just a few boring videos. Your effort will be rewarded if you choose the right path to go. 

You also do not have the right to entice viewers to like or add your video to favorites because it also violates YouTube’s law if detected. 

YouTube also prohibits you from selling channels to third-party websites to sell profits or embed advertisements, sponsored content, and 3rd party promotions before / in videos.

The above-prohibited acts are a prerequisite set out by YouTube before checking whether your channel is on monetization or not. 

You need to learn how to increase organic and safe views instead of abusing view buying services, increasing sub of unknown origin. You also absolutely do not buy a channel that has an unknown source of money. 

MySeoTech recommends that you do not call for cross subs or click ads to increase channel profits.

You should take a long-term orientation in what direction your channel will grow and then know how to reach 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers. 

YouTube can help you make money through Super Chat, raise funds to support the community, encourage people to become channel members, sell on YouTube, apply Ad Revenue,….

There was some response from YouTuber that they had been told “Use other people’s content without adding original content that has significant commentary or educational value” while they never used or copied. 

It is a fact that you should note that YouTube they consider videos with blurry, poor quality, and not clear images of other people’s videos. Video resolution below 480p will often suffer this unfortunate case. 

Therefore, what you need to do is to prepare a good posture, write down all the mistakes you’ve made, and go to the expert. 

You cannot go cool to improve YouTube watch time or easily achieve the 4000 watch hours criterion of YouTube. 

So, if possible, look for real views and sub-providing services like MySeoTech to answer questions about YouTube’s payment.

Where does YouTube get money to pay you?

You may not know that apart from the participants who are viewers, YouTubers, and YouTube, there is a fourth party that is the advertiser. 

People who need to advertise will spend a large amount of money on YouTube for their products or services to run on your channel. 

They are individuals, organizations, or businesses that want to polish their names or convey a message about their products. 

The advertising campaign for the advertising organization is only successful when it is known by many people. 

YouTube is where they need it because it has 22 billion logins every month. YouTube will deduct the amount of advertising money from the advertiser and give it to you.

For YouTube partner’s Super Chat service, you are also paid by YouTube through fan money activities. 

Besides, one thing that many YouTubers may not know is that according to Business Insider, a video longer than 10 minutes will make more money because it can insert more ads. 

Because then 1 video can insert up to 4 ads.

How does YouTube pay?

How does YouTube pay?

YouTube pays you through Adsense or Network accounts. When you set up an Adsense account by Gmail and phone number, you have any questions you can inform the YouTube user support team. 

In addition to the money, YouTube also has awards for the Creator around the world. For example, you will hit the golden button on YouTube if you reach 1,000,0000 subscribers. 

In the world, PewDiePie was impressed when he won the golden button of YouTube after just a few hours. 

It is a legend. In addition to the golden YouTube button, YouTube also has a silver button for a channel with a minimum of 100,000 subscribers.

When will YouTube pay?

Another successful example is Shelby Church shares that she can earn $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 with videos over 1 million views. This proves to a large extent the terrible income of foreign and domestic YouTubers. 

YouTube will enable solvency. But you will only receive money from YouTube when your AdSense account reaches more than $ 100.

But if you make money from a channel affiliated with the Network, you will not necessarily have to wait until $ 100 to be paid. YouTube updates receive money on 12 every month and will pay you from the 22nd of each month.

Where does YouTube charge money?

YouTube will charge you based on the CPM rate (the amount is based on 1000 views. 

According to the owner of channel Bardu, only reached 100,000 talking about her sister’s transfer day that Bardu earned more than $ 600 in 3 weeks. 

Bardu received through Google AdSense. It can be said that the more ads that show up, the more money Bardu makes from YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay for a click?

Is the question you are wondering when is YouTube going to pay you? If you become a YouTube partner, you will be enabled to monetize the channel, but it will take a while for you to be paid. 

Because in the process of checking whether your views and subscribers are real or using bots/proxies, YouTube will consider whether your video content is beneficial to users. 

Not every high view will enable you to make money. An “underground” rule of YouTube that your YouTube watch time must not be too low. Because that reflects the lack of viewership and quality of the video. 

From there, YouTube’s algorithm will adjust the top position of the video so that they are less visible to the eyes of the viewer.

Advertising also helps you make money, but not all viewers are showing it. 

You know it must be the right target audience for the advertising business to pop up.

Businesses can see who they’re targeting through the browser’s cookie behavior. Businesses even pay YouTube to show the video content with the description, title, and tag of the video.

how youtube will pay you

Where does YouTube get money to pay you?

You can view the XHIT channel case as a prime example of success. With just over 1 year of operation, XHIT has brought in more than 35 million views on videos and received more than 100,000 USD. 

YouTube pays the XHIT channel about 5,000 USD. On average, for each view of video views, the XHIT channel earns 2,500 USD.

According to the calculation above, you can understand that the real money you receive from YouTube will account for 68% of the profits from YouTube. 

That is money earned as a partner of YouTube. The way to charge for ads requested by the advertiser to run on your video is different.

Currently, the average advertising price in countries like Vietnam will be about 600 VND / click while European countries or the United States will range from $ 0.3 – $ 1 / click. 

According to statistics, about 1000 real views, the percentage of people who click on the video is 5%. You do the best YouTube monetization in the wider environment instead of just in the country. 

Because if you are in Vietnam, you only earn 0.5 USD with 1000 views. In foreign countries, the amount of money you can earn is up to 2 – 3 USD. The above figures are only approximate and not completely accurate.

So, if you have defined from the beginning, you are passionate and want to have an income of up to thousands of dollars per month. To summarize, the amount that YouTube pays you is based on the following factors:

  • The number of views that the video received
  • The number of clicks an ad received
  • Advertising quality
  • Adblockers
  • Video length

Currently, income from YouTube still exists many different believers. But all have in common that YouTube will pay you through your Adsense account. A mistake that many YouTubers make is that YouTube pays subscribers. 

YouTube does not pay for the number of subscribers of a channel. But the number of subscribers is the most obvious criterion to reflect the quality of the channel. 

A channel with a high subscriber base indicates more people will accept notifications when you have a new video.

In short, from the way of calculating the payment to the payment regulations of YouTube, you can realize one thing that YouTube considers based on the quality of the video and YouTube watch time. 

These to determine the influence of the channel and improve rankings of the channel on the search rankings. Achieving 4000 watch hours within 12 months and 1000 subscribers are extremely important. 

But to go in the long run and make money from YouTube, you need more than that. There is a good choice for you that is applying MySeoTech’s real views and subscriber service packages.

MySeoTech – New-era YouTuber’s Choice

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MySeoTech – New-era YouTuber’s choice

MySeoTech has a wide variety of service packages that allow subscribers to choose from. 

The service provided with real views and subscription is completely legal and ensures 100% compliance with YouTube’s regulations. 

Therefore, you do not need to fear fake views and fear of channel deletion like when you apply bots or proxies. 

MySeoTech has a team of professionals and customer careers who are both enthusiastic and dedicated. 

MySeoTech helps you get real YouTube watch time quickly and organically. Achieving the standard of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months are within reach. 

Therefore, if you skip MySeoTech, your channel has missed a great opportunity to develop from the pull real view and subs of the Promotion Campaign. 

MySeoTech does more than you ever imagined.

All of your questions will be answered professionally. At the same time, MySeoTech’s delivery time is only 1 to 3 days. 

MySeoTech not only guarantees the standard view and subscriber quality but also ensures to improve video SEO for customers in a short time. 

It can be said that MySeoTech is gradually becoming the top choice of YouTuber’s new era today.

In brief

So, you have passed this article to have an overview of YouTube’s payment policy and know specifically the form, time, and how to calculate money received from YouTube after 4000 watch hours

Hope you can quickly develop your channel and gain many achievements in life. If you have any questions or wish to buy real view and sub from the Promotion Campaign service, don’t hesitate to drop by MySeoTech today!

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