How to make money on youtube through increasing youtube watch time?

Are you wondering which ways to make money through YouTube? Don’t worry, this article has answers about making money from YouTube through increasing YouTube watch time today!

YouTube nowadays has half of the internet and user access. Do you know 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute? 

Do you know that 1.9 billion users log onto YouTube to treat, experience, and learn each month?

With the above figures, you can see that YouTube is a fertile land for many people who want to earn more income. 

Wanting to be able to create a good reputation and attract more viewers to improve YouTube watch time is not an easy problem to solve. 

However, you can go through this article to grasp some safe and organic methods of increase YouTube watch time.

First, you should know how to earn income from YouTube to determine the direction of your channel’s development from improving YouTube watch time.

The top ways to generate income from YouTube that you may not know

Read carefully and grasp the top-earning ways of famous YouTubers to see how you can develop and make money from YouTube!

1. Become a partner of YouTube

Become a partner of YouTubeBecome a partner of YouTube

Surely you know that YouTube’s partner program has changed a lot from 2019 on. 

This means that if you decide to become a YouTube partner and be considered for monetization, you must reach 4000 watch hours within 12 months and 1000 subscribers.

The truth shows that once you become a YouTube partner, you do not simply make money from your Adsense account and create as many views as possible. Need to implement many different methods to improve quality and improve YouTube watch time. 

You are not allowed to use content that is copyrighted or has not been authorized by another video creator that has been used as a material. 

You are also not allowed to create video content that is contrary to YouTube community rules such as containing bloody, violent, hostile images, with arousing image, …

It can help improve YouTube watch time which is very organic and safe. Instead of using tools, bots, or proxies to increase fake views and fake subscribers, why not invest in long-term and less risky ways to make money? Using tools can make your YouTube channel turn off the function of making money and less known by many people. 

Instead, if the quality is improved and improve YouTube watch time, the YouTube algorithm will appreciate and help your video climb to the top quickly.

It can be said that once you become a partner of YouTube, you will have many sources of income such as advertising. 

Or “YouTube Premium Subscription” fees, and “hot” money-eating features from fans through “Super Chat. “,” Channel Memberships “and” Merchandise Shelf “. You can explore a few ways to make money as follows:

– Become a channel member: to make money quickly, sell your channel membership to your channel subscribers. The condition to sell membership is that you only need to be at least 18 years old and have more than 30000 subscribers. If you have multiple channels, then you will have a large amount of money from subscribers who want to purchase channel membership.

– Become a commodity shelf: You may not believe it, but you can sell goods and make a huge profit from YouTube. This form of money-making is very promising in the future. As you can see, live streams have exploded and helped Facebook become intermediary connecting shoppers and sellers.

The condition for you to make money from selling on YouTube is that you must be 18 years old and have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers.

– Ad revenue: This way a lot of people know and earn a huge income from it. You only need to be at least 18 years old and be worth the price for advertiser-friendly content. This means that the less controversial your video content is, the more YouTube advertisers will want to borrow your video to run ads.

– Super Chat payments: to be able to make money through Super Chat payments, you must be 18 years old and live in the country where the feature is provided. This is available to celebrities who have fans who want to pay to give the celebrity money and make live chat between the two more beautiful.

It can be said that when you become a partner of YouTube, you will receive a lot of incentives in making money and accessing many new features. 

These ways to make money are only effective if and only if the quality of your video attracts them and improve YouTube watch time. From there, your videos and channels are always on the top of the search bar.

2. Selling on YouTube to make money

Selling goods on YouTubeHow to sell goods on YouTube

Selling goods on YouTube to make money is very effective and it’s trending. 

If you say that becoming a partner of YouTube does not immediately improve YouTube watch time, the orientation of selling necessary items on YouTube will hold the user longer.

You know, even Drake sells T-shirts. So, you can go hand in hand with many positions on YouTube. Typically, you can be both an entrepreneur and a caller and marketer of your product on the channel. 

If you are a multi-talented person, you can edit video from audio to images to satisfy the needs of your viewers.

Did you know Hawaiian YouTube star Ryan Higa has since filmed the introduction of Ninja Melk’s milk-based energy drink? 

That is the best method to let viewers know the viral comedy “Ninia Melk” by Ryan Higa. His pervasive power allows him to create his website while earning loyal fans from YouTube.

If you want to improve YouTube watch time to sell products, the best way is to do polls. 

Once you engage the customer in the process of deciding which product to choose, they will direct their attention to that issue for some time. 

Even an effective way to engage viewers and improve YouTube watch time is to build buzz by delivering relevant one-time products when a large subscriber base hits a certain milestone.

In case if you do not have any inventory or products, you can do Affiliate Marketing when registering to sell other people’s products.

You can entice users to watch the video longer when below the video description there is a link to the site (WordPress) that processes your order. 

You can also use the price feature to sell goods after becoming a YouTube partner. At the end of the video, squeeze in attractive calls or rewards when viewers subscribe to your channel. 

One way to get the hearts of viewers and improve YouTube watch time is to not forget to thank them when they finished watching the video. The polite act of thanking you will help viewers have a good impression.

3. You create sponsored content

Create sponsored content

Create sponsored content

You don’t have to be a celebrity or active on Instagram to be selected as a sponsored content creator. You can negotiate directly with brands and ask them to pay you directly, not indirectly through YouTube. 

The advantage of the #sponcon strategy will be promoted when you negotiate directly with the sponsoring brand. 

You can ask them from YouTuber Aaron Marino because he creates content that helps viewers about men’s lifestyles while connecting major brands and international users. 

You can use some of the following software to analyze your competitors’ social networks to create unique and special values:

– Fanpage Karma (including General, Engagement, Growth, Frequency …)

– LikeAnalyzer (including Like, Growth, Post type … for Facebook)

– Klear (including Activity, Popularity, Responsiveness, Top Content to identify influencers)

– Twitonomy (including the number of Tweets per day, Retweet, Favorite, Mention, Response … for Twitter)

You can use the tools above to determine if you are an influencer or not. At the same time if you are sure of your value, look to Famebit. 

Because the need for influencer marketing is increasing dramatically, YouTube changed from “Famebit” to “BrandConnect”.

YouTube has also launched many new assessments and measures such as Influencer Lift, Brand Interest Lift, and organic views to enhance the real-time and efficiency of digital advertising.

FameBit is one of those intermediary websites that help you find the right sponsorship brand for you. 

If you want to make money from YouTube through registration to receive brand proposals, you need to have a minimum of 25,000 subscribers. You can subscribe to “BrandConnect” through “YouTube Studio “.

At the same time, to avoid falling into the situation of “doing a lot and not seeing money”, you need to be sure of Google’s Advertising policies such as the FTC of the United States or ASA of the UK.

Since the beginning of 2017, YouTube has caused YouTuber to explode when replacing the feature “sponsoring fans” with Super Chat. You can pin your message for a long time if you play in live chat. 

You can also use Super Chat to promote and encourage your fans to become channel members. YouTube allows you to receive money from your viewers and allows viewers to become members of the channel. Viewers will have access to, receive custom emojis and badges. 

Super Chat from Wintergatan - a Swedish bandSuper Chat from Wintergatan – a Swedish band

A typical example of success for making money from Super Chat is Wintergatan – a Swedish band. They manufacture marble machines and post videos of their products. 

They even stated the amount of money when they became a member of the channel and thanked everyone.

4. Use a method to raise funds in the community on an ongoing basis

The method of crowdfunding to make money from YouTube is quite popular. Famous web sites like Kickstarter or GoFundMe are a good idea to start your project and raise money from others.

Your fans will choose how much money they want to donate.

So as long as your channel promotion strategy is effective, improve watch time is not difficult. 

When you use crowdfunding, pay attention to combine multiple platforms to attract a wide range of interested audiences.

5. Transplanting your content to the media

Another way to make money on YouTube is to create content and allow the media to use it for a fee. Let’s set up a private email for business purposes instead of mixing too many things in just one email address. 

It will be difficult to distinguish between email partners and emails related to your private life. 

The media often need special footage to report to their superiors and to be available to viewers within a certain period. 

You can try Jukin Media to start your YouTube monetization journey. Jukin Media allows you to take exclusive and disruptive scenes like cricket epidemic or plane crash. 

If people find your video interesting and special, they will find out where your main YouTube channel is. 

The visit of the viewer after being impressed by the advertisement from the media will make improve YouTube watch time and your channel quickly float like alcohol.

If you want to improve your YouTube watch time, you need a lot of time and effort. What you’re dealing with here is how to subconsciously pay attention to and engage viewers.

Although they have never seen it on YouTube, through an advertisement on the media or are curious about its alcohol-like popularity. This is extremely important. 

You need to identify the above ways of making money and the direction your channel wants to be. If you can combine the above ways to make money then improve YouTube watch time is just sooner or later.

Please review the path you have outlined to develop channels and make money right? 

Because only when you see what you are looking for do you know what you need to do, who you need to meet and the process to get it done. 

Once you have anchored to the destination in your thoughts, what are you afraid of not transforming and breaking out into the cult YouTuber that you always dreamed of?

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The interesting thing is that MySeoTech helps you achieve 4000 watch hours within 12 months quickly and safely.

MySeoTech does not encourage you to use bots/proxies to increase YouTube watch time. Because it is very dangerous for your channel. You should know that YouTube’s algorithm is not as simple as it used to be.

You cannot deceive YouTube when the number of views and subscribers increases dramatically while YouTube watch time is extremely low.

MySeoTech not only perfectly improves YouTube watch time but also helps you SEO videos to get to the top of the search bar quickly. 

From there, you can keep an eye on consumer psychology and improve your reputation. When you are popular, many people will agree to subscribe and stay loyal to your channel over a long period. 

Those are the things that MySeoTech has that the client service can’t do for you. 

Investing in MySeoTech can be said to be the right investment for you if you want to improve YouTube watch time naturally and safely.

Final Thoughts

MySeoTech is the perfect choice for a lot of newbies. You do not need to spend a large amount of money but do not know how quality to provide view and sub can be a scam. 

For the same amount of money, your video is in a position to be more visible and easily attract new viewers and subscribers. So what are you waiting for without visiting and ask MySeoTech’s consultant team to guide your path as YouTuber?

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