Purchase 4000 Youtube watch hours – guidelines for experts

How to purchase 4000 Youtube watch hours safely and reliably? Does this service really exist? Read the article below to get rid of your concern. 

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purchase Youtube watch hours

Purchase Youtube watch hours

They are the clearest evidence that purchasing views and watch hours are so commonplace. This is the fastest way for your video to spread to the targeted audience on the money-making platform.

In addition, the biggest headache that YouTubers are dealing with is always how to attract more watchers, which leads to more views. More views help their videos reach high rank on the search engine, as well as easy SEO.

When you first create a Youtube channel, it is inevitably unable to avoid the situation where your video is drowned among millions of similar-content posted on Youtube every day.

The worst part is that even if you try your best to share your videos in social networking platforms, your videos still only earn a few dozen views per day. Moreover, Youtube’s new monetization policy is quite difficult to meet when it requires the owner to reach 4000 public watch hours 1000 subscribers.

Don’t be disappointed! You still have a chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

MySeoTech would love to provide you detailed materials for how “Youtube views” and “4000 watch hours” work before jumping right into dealing with them. 

Let’s get started!

What are Youtube views?

YouTube views (or views) are the number of clicks a viewer watches a video of a publisher. One public view is “counted” as it lasts for a minimum of 30 seconds (meaning that a viewer watches the video for at least 30 seconds).

If a user watches a video less than 30 seconds, the click will only count as “viewed” (and the time is included to Youtube public watch time), not as a view. 

purchase Youtube watch hours

Youtube views – 30 seconds counted

This calculation is to make sure that videos get a real human view, not from a computer program. YouTube’s system will determine whether the view is valid or not. 

After calculating the number of valid views, the platform will now update the number of views more often. This process can be fast or slow depending on the quantity of viewers and the video’s popularity. 

From time to time you can see that the views will “freeze” at a time, then it is greatly increased. In that case, this phenomenon leads to this section below:

The reason why Youtube views decrease

Just for your information, there’s an underground rule among the K-pop’s fan community. Whenever their idols release a new music video, the fans are willingly “streaming” the views 24/7 to make the music video have the most views as fast as possible. But the views don’t increase in the first several hours.

Let’s take the “Boy with love” music video of BTS as an example! 

purchase Youtube watch hours

Boy with luv – BTS – 1 billion views on Youtube

Boys with love views were being frozen for about one hour after releasing due to a huge number of traffics from ARMYs (BTS’s fanbase). Then after only a few hours, Youtube released 16 million views for the MV. And after more than 24 hours, it had reached more than 60 million views.

The next day, 10 million views were deleted. 

Well, the obvious reason was that some fans were too deliberately boosting views for their boys, by using some ineligible tricks. 

When the views accelerated too fast, Youtube would automatically activate its algorithm to slow down the increased views or freeze them to verify whether the generated views are real and accurate.

Therefore, Youtube’s algorithm always continues to convert and update views when it indicates any abnormality. By this way Youtube views are systematically calculated. In addition, the platform always ensures to block all kinds of cheats to build a healthy environment for content creators.

How does Youtube calculate the views?

Youtube’s algorithm is really smart! To discover how it works on calculating the views, try this experiment. 

First, you post a video, leave it unlisted, then watch it multiple times. Make sure to change your computer’s locations so that the algorithm doesn’t know the generated views are from the one who posted it. 

The key is that you need to see the video at least less than 30 seconds. You will certainly see that no views are counted. Even if you repeat the same click over and over in different locations. But in the end, the outcome doesn’t change at all. 

On the other hand, if you watch for more than 30 seconds or a little longer, it is possible that the views will gradually increase.

However, if you still redo this action, the views only grow at first, then the figure stops. Youtube knows whether the video viewer is really watching it or not. As a result, to prevent video spam, the algorithm will be able to quickly detect it and stop counting such views.

How to check?

You can use the Youtube Analytics tool to keep track of your views. 

purchase Youtube watch hours

Youtube Analytics to keep track of views

The Audience tab of Youtube Analytics tool lets you know who is watching. By some simple clicks you will know where the majority of your audiences are located, their age groups and genders as well. 

Additionally, this tool gives you the idea of the size of the audience as well as their degree of engagement.

What are Youtube watch hours?

Watch time metric tracks how long each viewer watches a particular video. According to YouTube, this metric applies not only to individual videos, but also to the entire channel as well.

The platform once states that “channels and videos having lots of watch time result in higher visibility on the search engine and recommendations”.

Nevertheless, there’s a common misconception that watch hours is directly proportional to the length of the video. You can’t improve public watch time simply by creating a longer video, since the content quality is more important than the video’s length.

Understand YouTube’s video ranking algorithm on watch hours

If you think that increasing video views is all you need to rank your video content on Youtube, then you have wrong thoughts. Youtube changed the algorithm in 2012 and the  “watch time” term became an important factor.

purchase Youtube watch hours

Youtube Algorithm on calculating watch hours

In the old age, YouTube’s algorithm paid the most attention to video views. This means that rating is determined by the total number of times the video was played. The higher the number of views a video has, the higher it ranks on the search results.

However, views only provide insights into YouTube engagement and video plays. Consequently, content creators are simply rewarded for getting more clicks on their videos. 

Also, this doesn’t sound appropriate in the eyes of this money-making platform, due to the lack of viewer’s engagement in each video. 

This leads to the trend of circumvention in the Youtube community. Creators just relied on unnatural stuffing keywords, spam descriptions, and salesy thumbnails just to generate more clicks to get money, as well as immediate reputation. 

To tackle this, YouTube identified these issues in 2012 and changed the way how the algorithm is going to work.

As a result, the algorithm now prioritizes engagement over clicks. This change has proven to be a better measure of a video’s attractiveness on YouTube.

This algorithm is essential in the midst of the “content jungle” that is uploaded to YouTube every minute. The algorithm will streamline the content, put it on the search engine to deliver  to targeted audiences.

How to calculate Youtube watch hours?

According to YouTube’s algorithm, 60-second videos viewed from start to finish will probably  outrank a 20 or 30-minute video that is only viewed for a few minutes. YouTube’s algorithm calculates watch time while considering video duration to ensure fair results.

purchase Youtube watch hours

Watch time calculation

Audience retention rate is a great metric for recording the engaging video viewership. If you want the algorithm to prioritize your videos, you should keep this ratio in mind.

YouTube’s goal is to keep its users happy and entertain, therefore the viewers will keep on watching your videos until complete. 

As a result, the higher the retention rate, the greater the quality of interactions, the better watch time will be.

The best way to improve watch time is to improve content – creating videos that viewers want to see, and it will automatically increase your rankings. 

Why should you buy watch hours from MySeoTech?

That being said, 4000 watch hours for monetization can be tough to reach through. If you are looking for a rapid way to start gaining profits on your channel, you may need to purchase Youtube watch hours, or other package that are needed for your purposes.

myseotech's rating on trustpilot

Audiencegain’s rating on trustpilot

MySeoTech is a digital marketing company and our main goal is to become the most reliable in providing Youtube with useful Youtube views, 4000 watch hours, subscribers. 

Our service increases the chance to get approved for monetization. Besides, with more watch hours you own, the service gives your channel credibility for organic growth.  

With our great effort on delivering your videos on social platforms, you can totally have a peace of mind in getting real watch hours, as well as subscribers.

To be more detailed, the promotion campaign would take time to finish. However, you can monitor the process and then be surprised by the outcome. Normally, the delivery starts from 24-72 hours.

The time the package takes to assure that your watch hours are completely safe and illegal. Furthermore, during the process, if you have any questions about how things work, our dedicated support team is available 24/7.

Last but not least, we offer safe, legal money-back guarantee if there’s any issue with your order. 

Read this carefully for the service requirements. 


Q1: What if I got scammed?

Answer: No one likes scams. Both online or offline kinds. Before you unfortunately meet these frauds, it would be better not to let this happen. 

Don’t be tempted by “quick and cheap views” from unidentified companies. Because the combo of “quick and cheap” does not exist! Buying views need time and consideration to process safely and naturally. 

Here at Audience Gain, we provide you with views in an affordable price range, and you can totally put your trust on our service. 

Q2: Will my channel get banned if I purchase Youtube watch hours?

Answer: Not at all!

As we mentioned, MySeoTech promote your videos by our PromotionProgram. We basically showcase your video on multiple social platforms and you will eventually get more Youtube watch hours, which means more views consecutively.

And this progress takes time to complete. Please don’t be too impatient to look for “free Youtube watch hours” from shady providers. These are fake watch hours and easily detected by Youtube’s algorithm. That’s the reason why Youtube is going to terminate your channel.

Q3: Can I secure my identity if I buy Youtube watch hours for making money?

Answer: At MySeoTech? Absolutely. 

This is one of the most important factors that we consider to provide you with an optimal Youtube channel’s solution.

Our team offers complete privacy regulations and just requires limited information from you to start doing several examinations. As a result, our service is totally secured and your personal information will never be exposed. 

Q4: Do Youtubers make money if viewers skip the ads?

Answer: Well, advertisers only pay for the commercials being watched. If a bunch of people decide to skip the ads, it will have a very detrimental impact on your channel, because Youtube is not going to be paid by the advertisers as well. 

Q5: How long should a video be sufficiently monetized?

Answer: Normally in order to increase watch hours, your videos should have a long duration of time. 10 minutes is an ideal length.  We consider a 10-minute-video is optimal to pull down the bounce rate, and only if your content is attractive enough to keep the views stay engaged.

Furthermore, we also need long videos for the PromotionCampaign to function effectively as well. For more details, contact us by the information down below.

In a nutshell

Watch time is only one of the key factors determining the success of your video’s popularity. In fact, there are many other factors to consider, such as content quality or how to optimize your videos on this platform.

Through this article, we have just provided you with the thorough information about how the Youtube algorithm works, as well as safely purchase Youtube watch hours.

Follow us for more updates to support you with the best strategies for video marketing. 

Contact our expert to get the best effective plan for your channel. 

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