The absolute precautions to avoid when buy Youtube monetized channel

By this way or another, along with the time and effort, you have successfully reached 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers to start making money from your monetized Youtube channel. Congratulations!

buy Youtube monetized channel

Absolute precautions on Youtube monetized channels

And in fact, there are many other ways you can start earning money from this platform, like affiliate marketing, selling products, getting sponsorship and so on. 

However, for the best head start, you need to understand who you are and what your channel content needs to be distinctive and appealing. Besides, put yourself in the shoes of the viewers, what do they want to hear most, and for what purpose, just for entertainment or for learning goals?

Anyways, Youtube is a blossoming social networking site, and while there’s a lot of controversy about how the platform functions and how to monetize from it, Youtube still offers plenty of opportunities for creators to thrive in the first place.

But before you make money from your YouTube monetized channel, there are a few things you need to think about if you want to increase your chances of success.

Why should you buy Youtube monetized channels? 

With such a great level of competition on Youtube, it will be difficult for you to effectively optimize your channel so that it will be ranked high on search engines.

On the other hand, though it takes lots of time and effort to reach 4000 watch hours to get Youtube monetization, the following problem is to continue maintaining the channel’s growth and widen income. 

Therefore, buying a Youtube monetized channel can be an optimal choice. Before making any deal, you need to keep in mind the following precautions: 

Find a reputable service

Everything works based on the law of supply and demand. With the increasing demand for doing business on social networks, a series of services on providing views, subscribers and selling channels have appeared on the market.

As a result, take a closer look at each of the distributors about how they create their services.

More specifically, you should dig in deeper about what factors and resources do they rely on to earn views and subscribers in a certain time period? How many monetized channels do they have and how long have the channels already been existing?

To be more detailed, at MySeoTech we completely provide a number of viewssubscribers and monetized channels from the strong support of the online community, thanks to the widespread spread of social media and public groups.

Channel niche

Lucky for you if you find a channel that has the same content as your fortes, or at least relevant to your niche.

In case it is difficult to find a monetized channel that has the same topic, choose a channel about vlogs to make a deal. Vlogs are quite easy to change, in addition to being highly appreciated by Youtube for its strong interaction between creators and audiences.

Watch time and Subscribers

Ask the distributor you want to purchase the channel for the average watch hours of videos as this is an important factor for Youtube to evaluate your channel’s performance (Tracking in Youtube Analytics tools).

Besides, consider your budget and choose a channel that ranges from 30,000 to 100,000 subscribers. 

Administrative rights

Indeed, the distributor after selling the channel still has its administrative authority. For some shady views providers, they can play bad and click you off at any time.

In order to avoid that issue, ask the seller to grant you the admin right, and request to click them out of admin rights. After 24 hours of receiving notification mail from Youtube, the administrator has successfully cut off.

Your responsibility after make a decision of buy Youtube monetized channel 

The content creators

Why does it not “content makers” or “content producers”? Well, “creators” has a completely different property which outweighs the meanings of “makers” and “producers”.

buy Youtube monetized channel

The “artistry” of content creators

Creating is the act of making anything new and beneficial within a particular scale of conditional application.

To be more detailed, in order to know if anything is “creative” or not, you need to compare what you just made (in this case, your video content) with what you had before and with others.

If it has changed and is “newer” than the old ones, as well as at the same time you and the community can benefit from it, then it’s a creative product. As a result, you are the creators who make it innovative. 

And that’s the “artistry” of a content creator career. 

However, innovative ideas are not something that you can come up with everywhere and all the time. If becoming a creator is so easy, like the fact that users only scroll through their phone screen then randomly find the video they want to watch, anyone can become PewDiepie.

In such cases, after buying a monetized Youtube channel, you can produce additional videos related to a unique original idea. 

On top of that, especially when you have a Youtube monetized channel, Youtube will certainly well-evaluate videos with human elements and create sustainable engagement with viewers.

Therefore, educational and instructional content will be suitable and extremely safe for long-term growth, in addition to increasing views and subscribers.

Although these types of content are fiercely competitive like entertaining (since they don’t increase views and subscribers right away), they will give you more time to get used to the underlying algorithm as well as consult more of other opponent’s channels. 

Copyright policies – a must-read of buying Youtube monetized channel

When you make money from your Youtube channel, there’s a high chance that you will encounter a situation where your Youtube channel is warned, or reported to a copyright complaint.

buy Youtube monetized channel

Youtube’s terms of service – copyright policies

If things get worse, the channel can be suspended suddenly even though it has many subscribers,  self-recorded and homemade videos without you even understanding why. 

First off, please check if your video violated Youtube’s terms of service or not.

We recommend that you read carefully the rules, terms and principles of Youtube so that you do not encounter such risks, or your efforts will become zero.

Here are the details about Youtube monetization

  • Do not infringe copyright principles: do not take other people’s copyrighted videos and upload to your channel to make money. Do not use other people’s music to include in the video.
  • Do not increase views and subscribers automatically (buy using illegally automatically softwares). The algorithm can easily detect that you perform any violations. 
  • Do not upload videos with contents that negatively affect or hurt children. 
  • Do not upload videos containing adult content, pornography, racism, or promoting harmful products (drugs, alcohol and so forth).
  • Violent or gory content that is primarily intended to cause shock, sensationalism, or disrespect is not permitted.
  • Don’t post an offensive video featuring an accident, corpse, or the like that is intended to shock or outrage.

The consequences

If you infringe Youtube monetization policies, you can receive the following consequences:

  • You may be reported leading to restriction of channel rights, or death of channel, channel demonetization. 
  • Your Youtube monetized channel and Google Adsense account can deactivate suddenly due to many piracy warnings, sensitive content and so on. 
  • Error “!” Or “?” Occurs because YouTube suspects your copyright and you will not turn on monetization
  • The “freeze” in views and subscribers, leading to demonetization. 

With that being said, all of your effort will be down the drain if you do not well-acknowledge the rules of making money from Youtube. 

So one of the cases Youtube had manifested its power was when it imposed a very heavy punishment on Logan Paul – a very notorious Youtuber that now has more than 22 million followers.

buy Youtube monetized channel

Jack Paul – a “scandalous” Youtuber

In early 2018, this guy posted a video of him showing a body of suicide victim in Japan. To be more detailed, Paul and his friend were in Aokigahara forest, known to be a site of suicides. 

This guy, and his friends were just goofing around this haunted forest and making jokes over a man corpse. That inappropriate and disrespectful video at that time seriously triggered a widespread criticism from the online community. 

Youtube’s punishment for him was very serious, as he was not allowed to have any available benefit within a month. Furthermore,  Paul was not involved in Google Preferred for a while, which is considered to have many of the biggest interests of Google and YouTube, when advertising value was pushed to the top level for video with price. 

Take a note!

Fair use

Fair use on Youtube

So, Youtube does not allow you to infringe on sound or images copyright. Therefore, re-uploading other people’s videos is not permitted.

Nevertheless, for some purposes like citing, you can use 5-10 seconds from the authorized videos to refer to your content.  Youtube will not penalize you by this act (based on the Fair Use law).

This is to ensure that creators can deliver their messages as dedicated as they want.

The “reporting” progress. 

buy Youtube monetized channel

Content ID claim on reporting videos

Lucky for you, your channel won’t be immediately suspended on the first warning if you break any of Youtube’s terms of service. But if you do, the worst scenario has yet to come.  

If you reoffend and receive the second warning, your channel will be limited to some features such as not being able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, not being able to use monetization features as a Youtube partner, or worse, channel demonetization

If there are 3 warnings in the same 90-day period, your channel will be permanently removed from YouTube. Also, note that each strike expires 90 days after the warning was issued, and removal of infringing content will not remove it.

The dislike button

buy Youtube monetized channel

The hatred from dislike button

You worry about the rapid increase of dislikes? To be honest, you should be happier than sad about this.

With such a disliked amount, it’s obvious that your content is somewhat problematic. It could be because your controversial opinions had led to a huge outcry from the online community, but this proves that your video is getting a lot of attention.

If we don’t take into account content quality, Youtube will somehow appreciate this negative interaction. What you need to do is produce better-quality follow-up videos with less controversy.

Indeed, going against the majority is not true in all circumstances. With “badly-debatable” content, Youtube will turn off monetization mode when it comes to users reporting your videos too much. 

The daily tasks

Nowadays, the office work is no longer appealing to liberty lovers who do not want to be confined into a room surrounded by four walls, especially for the millennials. They mostly choose freelance jobs and use social media as tools to make money. The most prominent platform must be Youtube monetized channel

The daily tasks of a Youtubers

Also, thanks to the existence of these free-loving people, Youtube has a huge content-creator force that is still growing strongly over the years.

This is fundamentally a win-win relationship.

The fact that creators are free to cultivate and share their ideas about what they want to do, and even make money on Youtube, many creators are determined to make a living by becoming Youtubers. 

Nevertheless, with the occasional video output pressure and as we have mentioned, you’re not rich in ideas all the time, you can get worn out easily.

Not going to lie, this is basically a 9-5 job, the only difference is that you can change your workspace and the deadlines are no longer in a form of papers or documents format, but as a video.

Moreover, these videos also need to have special factors such as SEO or keywords so that they can be easily found by the targeted audiences. As a result, the creating-process is similar to a business results report that has a certain standardized format. 

So, things can get boring, but you have no choice, because this is your career. You need a specific plan to avoid making mistakes.


Once you know the type of content to make and who will watch it, you need to decide on a production schedule. Ask yourself, how often will you release a new video?

Besides, it mainly depends on the type of content. For example, a daily video-uploading can be suitable for vlogs. On the other hand, research-purpose content or high-quality skits can take weeks, or even months to complete. 

Be realistic and think for the long run. You might have enough energy to make one video a day right now, but can you keep it that way for six months or a year?

Changing the frequency of a video’s release can leave many unsatisfied, even missing a day or week can cause subscribers to drop out of the channel.

Video advertising

buy Youtube monetized channel

Video advertising for making money

Bear in mind that channel promotions are a long, daily battle. It can take months or even years for your channel to become popular. Persistence is the number one trait for YouTube content creators.

In order to effectively do video advertising to monetize, you can use the power of social media to promote your YouTube channel, like Facebook or Instagram.

You should find some private groups in which your contents are relevant, then share your videos, but not too often, or it can be considered as spam. Besides, avoid sharing your videos by commenting on public groups.

Furthermore, collaborating with other Youtubers is also a great idea to connect with more audiences and increase views and subscribers. 

In case your Youtube channel is already monetized, here are two mistakes you may make while advertising your videos. 

Unmatched messages

The principle to successfully advertise a Youtube video is that the message content must be suitable for users.

buy Youtube monetized channel

The non-related-content ads can be annoying

In fact, Youtube advertising is a form of annoyance to viewers. How will they react when they’re watching their favorite comedy skit and your “propane grills under $200 reviews” video just appears out of nowhere?  

So, if your video can engage them and convey the message that they are interested in from the very first seconds, users will surely watch all of your video.

Fix this problem by placing sensible ads. You can do this by relying on the statistics of Youtube or Google analytics tools. These analytical tools will help you better understand customer insights, and increse youtube views.

Not the right audiences

This is another common mistake. Mostly when content creators build a strategy to promote their channel, they focus on how to make the video as engaging and appealing as possible. However, they forget that the videos must be suitable for targeted viewers.

So to say, keep track of your audience’s tendency of watching videos then find the right viewers for your community, by using Youtube and Google Analytics tools. 

Looking for an effective strategy for your Youtube channel promotion?

In a nutshell, all the information mentioned above are the things that you should and should not do while making money from a monetized Youtube channel. 

Furthermore, for more details of how the Youtube monetization works, make sure to constantly read our blog and other service of “buying Youtube monetized channel”

With that being said, MySeoTech is a Social Media Marketing company which dedicates to support content creators to develop and promote their videos, brands and products across social platforms, especially Facebook and Youtube.

Stay tuned for the next article and sign up for the MySeoTech community right away. 

This is information about “buy Youtube monetized channel”. Good luck.

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